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Donal Duffy MSc. (Hons), BSc. (Hons), Dip.

Consultant Planner

Donal Duffy is a qualified Town Planner and currently holds the position of Consultant Planner at Downey Planning. Prior to this, Donal was an Assistant Planner at Stephen Ward Town Planning and McGill Planning and worked in KSA as a Graduate Planner.

Donal has a growing experience in the town planning profession at both an Irish and UK level, working with both private and public sector clients as well as community groups and external consultants.

Donal’s experience includes the preparation and coordination of planning applications, planning appeals, Environmental Impact Assessments, Strategic Environmental Assessments, Architectural Conservation Area Appraisals, Framework Plans, development appraisals ¬†and submissions to Development Plans.

Donal holds a Diploma in Environmental Resources Management, a BSc (Hons) in Spatial Planning and a MSc (Hons) in Energy Management, all of which he received from Dublin Institute of Technology.


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